About Us

Based in Dallas, TX, Qualia, Inc. was founded in 2015 to translate neuro- and biotechnologies to novel research tools and human clinical therapeutics through its host of subsidiaries and affiliates. The company’s near-term goal focuses on fostering the expansion of neural electronics research through the design and development of a range of softening neural research tools. These devices enable academic and corporate researchers to chronically interface with target nerves in animals to map neural circuits, regulate biological processes, and ultimately treat a range of clinical conditions by stimulating, recording, or blocking key neural signals in the body. Devices are implanted while stiff to enable better surgical handling over softer devices. However, after implantation, they soften by 2-3 orders of magnitude to minimize scarring that can occur with stiffer silicon-based devices.

Longer term, Qualia aims to develop additional novel bio, electronic, and materials technologies including gene editing, microneedle arrays, drug encapsulation, robotics, and wireless technologies for incorporation into additional research tools as well as to enable multi-prong approaches and combination products for the treatment and prevention of specific clinical disorders ranging from chronic back pain to multiple sclerosis to acute radiation syndrome.